Monthly Archive April 2011

Help us sow seeds of happiness

“I love a fresh grown tomato!”  Caroline Drum exclaimed.  “Watching a plant grow and thrive makes me happy,” says Mary Nathan who is renowned for her green thumb. Trying to live out the vision of Saint Jeanne Jugan, which has at heart to make the elderly happy, requires us to be creative and attentive to Read more…

What’s going on in there?

You take I Love Lucy reruns, popcorn and cold cream, combine six really sweet Catholic University students and then add most of the Lady Residents from Guardian Angel and St. Francis and what do you get?  Fun, lots of laughter and a couple gentlemen out in the hallway wondering, “what’s going on in there?” The Read more…

Help Us Sow Seeds of Happiness!

We’re trying to start a gardening program for our Residents, but we need your help.     Click here for details!