Admission to Jeanne Jugan Residence

My name is Cindy Finelli and I am the social worker for the Jeanne Jugan Residence and I oversee admission.

The admission process to enter our home begins with a phone call.  During this initial conversation, I explain the admission requirements and try to determine if the prospective Resident’s needs could be met through the services offered at the Jeanne Jugan Residence.  If the individual seems appropriate for admission, I invite them to come for a tour so that they can learn more about our home.

After submitting the application papers and medical forms, an applicant can be placed on the waiting list for further consideration.  A personal interview with the Little Sisters and an acquaintance visit are also part of the admission process.  We are usually filled with a waiting list for admission.  We have several levels of care and we find it rare that we can admit anyone directly to the nursing home unit.  The rooms on this unit are reserved for Residents living in the other areas of the home who require more care and assistance due to a decline in their health.

If we feel that we are not able to meet your needs, I will be happy to suggest other facilities and resources in the community which may be helpful to you. For more information about admissions please contact me.

Cindy Finelli can be reached by email at or by phone at 202-269-1831.

“Refuse God nothing … We must do all through love.” – Saint Jeanne Jugan