We assist the Little Sisters of the Poor in their mission of hospitality by welcoming the elderly poor, making them happy and caring for them until death. In our varied roles, we contribute to the family spirit and the daily life of the Home, following the example of Saint Jeanne Jugan. With that thought in mind, we invite you to consider a career with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The Jeanne Jugan Residence is like no other retirement home you’ve ever visited. We understand that we have the privilege of providing care and hospitality to 100 elderly men and women who have a lifetime of memories and experience to share with us.
To ensure that their daily needs are met in the best way possible, we employ a full range of nursing staff, administrative professionals, rehabilitation, social service and activities professionals, and facility engineers.

Ideal candidates for employment with the Little Sisters will understand that by working here, you become a partner in our mission to provide loving and respectful care to the elderly. In our daily interactions with the Residents and other staff members, we strive for a positive and helpful “can do” attitude.

 Please see below for current employment opportunities.

Applying in person:
Little Sisters of the Poor
Jeanne Jugan Residence

4200 Harewood Road, NE
Washington, DC 20017-1554
Phone: 202-269-1831
Fax: 202-269-1134
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Little Sisters of the Poor is an Equal Opportunity Employer

“It is a great grace that God has given you in calling you to serve the poor.”
– Saint Jeanne Jugan